Breast Lift

Case No. 1016

Case Details: 65 y. old female with a history of right breast cancer who had a mastectomy and implant reconstruction years ago by another provider. She was unhappy with the shape and symmetry of the breasts. Procedures performed include left breast lift with auto-augmentation and revision right breast reconstruction with implant exchange, lift, fat grafting and right nipple reconstruction (done in two operations). An additional round of fat grafting to the right breast was discussed but she is happy with the results. She is also considering and nipple-areolar tattoo. 4 months post. op from second operation.

Case No. 1014

Case Details: 36 y. old female with hemihypertrophy right breast cancer and severe breast asymmetry as well as chest scarring from surgeries as a child. Procedures performed include: right lumpectomy/oncoplastic breast reduction and post operative radiation. Status post left breast lift, fat grafting and revision of chest scars for symmetry.

Case No. 1013

Case Details: 42 y. old female presenting for mommy-makeover, with excess skin and subcutaneous tissue of the abdomen, back, lateral chest, and inner thighs and breast ptosis. S/p bilateral breast lift, abdominoplasty, and liposuction to back, lateral chest and inner thighs. 3 months post. op.

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